Miercurea-Ciuc, 1980

Csilla Albert

Place and date of birth: Miercurea-Ciuc, 19 September, 1980

1999 – 1996 • Theoretic Lyceum Márton Áron, Philology School, Miercurea-Ciuc
2003–1999 • Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Letters, Theatre Department, Acting Class, Cluj-Napoca (Leading Professors: Boér Ferenc, Dimény Áron, Szilágyi Palkó Csaba)

Since September 2003 - actor at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.


Current parts


- Hans Christian Andersen: The Nightingale, directed by Traian Savinescu


Electra - Adaptation based on Sophocles' tragedy by Ágnes Kali and Botond Nagy: Elektra, directed by Botond Nagy
Stefi, maid (choir) - after Kosztolányi Dezső: Édes Anna, directed by István Szabó K.
Unknown woman - After Móricz Zsigmond: Relatives, directed by László Bocsárdi


Balázs Béla, Benny Goodman, Ady Endre, Eminem, women and men, bugs, so everyone else: - Inspired by the lives of Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály, based on a text by Miklós Vecsei H. and improvisations of the company: Young Barbarians, directed by Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.
Oskar - Anne Lepper: Seymour – I'm only here by accident, directed by Ferenc Sinkó


The Nurse - Based on William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, directed by Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.
Moses, the raven - After George Orwell: Ervin Erős – Dávid Klemm – Róbert Lénárd: Animal Farm, directed by Zoltán Puskás


Tzeitel - Sheldon Harnick – Jerry Bock – Joseph Stein: Fiddler on the Roof, directed by László Béres


Mrs. Linde - Henrik Ibsen: A Doll's House, directed by Botond Nagy

Parts at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj:


- Inspired by the life of Jenő Janovics, based on a text by Miklós Vecsei H. and Nikolett Németh, and the improvisations of the company: Janovics, directed by Attila Vidnyánszky jr.


Vanina - Adaptation based on Antal Szerb's novel Journey by Moonlight, by Botond Nagy and Ágnes Kali: JOURNEY BY MOONLIGHT, directed by Botond Nagy


Nurse, Mother - Susan Sontag: Alice in bed, directed by Dorka Porogi
Madelaine de Marelle - Frank Wedekind: Lulu, directed by Enikő Eszenyi


With - Under Construction, directed by Krisztina Sipos
Nerissa / The secretary of Balthasar - William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice, directed by Gábor Tompa


Nicole, maid - Molière: The Bourgeois Gentleman, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu


- The Blind, directed by Botond Nagy
The girl - Visky András: Porno, directed by András Visky
Miss Ilonka - Zsigmond Móricz – Tibor Kocsák – Tibor Miklós: Be Faithful Unto Death, directed by László Béres
Krisztina, Gyuri's mistress, actress - György Dragomán: Galoshes, directed by András Visky
- Homemade, directed by Márta Vargyas


- Pour toujours, directed by Dominique Serrand
Mousie - Pál Békés: The Lubberly Wizzard, directed by László Béres
Headwaiter, Schubal - Franz Kafka: Amerika, directed by Michal Dočekal
Soothsayer - William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, directed by Silviu Purcărete


Chil - László Dés – Péter Geszti – Pál Békés: The Jungle Book, directed by Zoltán Puskás
- #swansong, directed by Ferenc Sinkó
Journalist - Friedrich Dürrenmatt: The Visit, directed by Gábor Tompa
Laure - Georges Feydeau – M. Desvallières: The Lovers of Loches, directed by Alexandru Dabija


Lena Antonetti / Lucia Aratori / Angel - András Visky: Caravaggio Terminal, directed by Robert Woodruff
Puzyrova - mother - Al. I. Vvedenski: Christmas at the Ivanovs, directed by András Urbán
Esther, six years old - Roger Vitrac: Victor, or Power to the Children, directed by Silviu Purcărete
Waitress / Prostitute / Typist / Lebensborn girl / SSM member - Bohumil Hrabal: I Served the King of England, directed by Michal Dočekal
Torn / Blind Death / Shadow of Death - Johannes von Tepl: Death and the Ploughman, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu


Auntie Pepi - Zsigmond Móricz: I Can't Live Without Music, directed by András Hatházi


Woman - Abe Kobo: The Woman in the Dunes, directed by Mona Marian
Dorothy - Frank L. Baum – Zalán Tibor: The Wizard of Oz, directed by Zoltán Puskás
Mama Ubu - Alfred Jarry: Ubu the King, directed by Alain Timar
Michelle - Thomas Vinterberg – Mogens Rukov – Bo Hr. Hansen: Celebration, directed by Robert Woodruff


The woman - Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman, directed by Tom Dugdale
Bernadette - András Visky: I Killed My Mother, directed by Csilla Albert and Áron Dimény
Trezor / The Other Mary - András Visky: Alcoholics, directed by Gábor Tompa


Bergman's assistant - Ingmar Bergman: Cries and Whispers, directed by Andrei Şerban


Solveig's Mother, Troll, Madwoman, Thief, Old Solveig - Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt, directed by David Zinder
Ciesca II - Giacomo Puccini: Gianni Schicchi, directed by Silviu Purcărete
Sofia Alexandrovna (Sonia), Marina - A. P. Chekhov: Uncle Vanya, directed by Andrei Şerban


Pigheaded Balerina - Dániel Varró - Gábor Presser: Beyond the Smudgy Mountain, directed by Attila Keresztes


The Bride's Sister - Bertolt Brecht: A Respectable Wedding, directed by Anca Bradu
Brînzovenescu - I.L. Caragiale: The Lost Letter, directed by Gábor Tompa
Agaue 2 - Euripides: The Bacchae, directed by David Zinder


Mary Smith - Ray Cooney: Run for Your Wife, directed by Attila Keresztes
Princesse Supertonia - Muszty Bea -Dobay András: The Miracle Cake, directed by Attila Keresztes


Roberte I, Roberte II. - Eugene Ionesco: Jacques or The Submission, directed by Gábor Tompa
Other parts:
2011 - Divas - directed by Ferenc Sinkó, GroundFloor Group, Cluj
2007 - Spovedanie la Tanacu - directed by Andrei Şerban, Odeon Theatre, Bucharest
2003 - Inspiration - directed by Melinda Jakab

Workshops and masterclasses:
• Theatre masterclass led by Melissa Leo, part of the Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), 2012, Cluj
• Biomechanics masterclass led by Alexey Levinskiy, 2012, Cluj
• Andrei Şerban's Travelling Theatre Academy, 2007, Horezu (Andrei Şerban's assistant)
• International workshop led by Yoshi Oida, 2009, Cluj
• The Form That Forms Us Continuously, 2008, Cluj, led by Tadeusz Bradecki
• Andrei Şerban's Travelling Theatre Academy, 2007, Plopi - New York, La Mama Theatre
• La Commedia dell’Arte e le Tecniche del Comico, Ferrara, Italia, 2003, condus de Massimo Malucelli
• Creativity Workshop, Kisvárda, Ungaria, 1999, condus de Shelley Berck

Calling for Corpse-Watching, directed by: Hatházi András, Duna Műhely
Bistroqueen, directed by: Csillag Márton, Duna Műhely Other:
• 2005 - Miért ne legyek tisztességes! - directed by Ildikó Tövissi, Romanian Television
• Egyed Emese portrait-film – directed by Marius Tabacu, Duna TV
• Korunk shortfilm – directed by Maksay Ágnes – Marius Tabacu, Duna TV
• Christmas-poems compilation – directed by Antal Áron, Kolozsvári TV
• Poems– directed by: Imecs Márton, Kolozsvári TV
• 1999–2003: Fűszál Band – Poems on Music – singer, Zenta (Yu) – Festival of Singed Poems,
Diósgyőr (Hu) – Kaláka Festival, Odorheiu-Secuiesc (Ro) – Míves emberek sokadalma Spoken languages:
English Competency Test: Alpha Center, Certificate of Language Ability in English, C1- advanced German Competency Test: Goethe Institut, Mittelstufeprüfung

Played parts at Faculty:
4th year:
Gruse – Bertold Brecht: The Caucasian Chalk Circle, directed by: Dimény Áron
Szamantha-Mariann – Garaczi László/Toepler Zoltán: Brahms and the Cats, directed by: Szilágy Palkó Csaba
3rd year:
Kiyoko – Yukio Mishima: The Princess and the Mirror, directed by: Szilágyi Palkó Csaba
Diana – Shakespeare: All's Well That Ends Well, directed by: Dimény Áron
2nd year :
Palaestrio – Plautus: The Braggart Soldier , directed by: Szilágyi Palkó Csaba
Mrs. Rosemonde – Cristopher Hampton: Dangerous Liaisons, directed by: Szilágyi Palkó Csaba
Nina – Chekhov: The Seagull, directed by: Dimény Áron

Artistic activity at the Hungarian Theatre


- Hormone, directed by Ferenc Sinkó