Covasna, 1979

Gizella Kicsid

Current parts


Mrs. Druma - after Kosztolányi Dezső: Édes Anna, directed by István Szabó K.
Adél - After Móricz Zsigmond: Relatives, directed by László Bocsárdi


Merope - Robert Icke after Sophocles: Oedipus, direction and lighting design by: Andrei Șerban
The Messenger - William Shakespeare: Hamlet, directed by Gábor Tompa


Clover, the horse - After George Orwell: Ervin Erős – Dávid Klemm – Róbert Lénárd: Animal Farm, directed by Zoltán Puskás


Jewish women - Sheldon Harnick – Jerry Bock – Joseph Stein: Fiddler on the Roof, directed by László Béres

Parts at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj:


- Don’t be a stranger, musical coordinator: Ábel Tompa
Kundry - Susan Sontag: Alice in bed, directed by Dorka Porogi
Rapunzel - Bertolt Brecht − Paul Dessau: Mother Courage and Her Children, directed by Armin Petras


Menina 1 - Ernesto Anaya: Las Meninas, directed by Andrei Măjeri
With - Under Construction, directed by Krisztina Sipos


- The Blind, directed by Botond Nagy
Mrs. Helseth - Henrik Ibsen: Rosmersholm, directed by Andriy Zholdak
With - The Experiment, directed by Gábor Viola
- Homemade, directed by Márta Vargyas


Dodo - Vivian Nielsen: Breaking the Waves, directed by Tom Dugdale
Madam Ill - Friedrich Dürrenmatt: The Visit, directed by Gábor Tompa


Sonya Ostrova, thirty-two-year-old girl - Al. I. Vvedenski: Christmas at the Ivanovs, directed by András Urbán
Lili, Paumelle's maid - Roger Vitrac: Victor, or Power to the Children, directed by Silviu Purcărete