The Blind

Hommage à Maurice Maeterlinck, Samuel Beckett, Hajas Tibor, Pilinszky János & Pier Paolo Pasolini

Studio Performance in the Main Hall
2h without intermission

Gábor Viola
Lóránd Váta
Ervin Szűcs
Rita Sigmond / Kinga Ötvös
János Platz
Csaba Marosán
Gizella Kicsid
Emőke Kató
Melinda Kántor
Éva Imre
Loránd Farkas
Balázs Bodolai
Péter Árus
Csilla Albert

directed by
Botond Nagy
set design
Carmencita Brojboiu
costume design
Erika Márton
music composed by
Bence Kónya-Ütő
George Pop
video images
András Rancz
Ágnes Kali
light design
László Erőss
director's assistant
Emőke Veres
stage manager
Pál Böjthe
Date of the opening: May 17, 2017

We, who are participants to this present time, we are both alive and not, in a way. Nothing new can be said anymore. Repetition is boring, and objectivity is boring and so has become even subjectivity itself. 
Throughout the duration of one’s life, man does nothing but engage in repetition. In our lives, we are mostly betting on each other’s traumas. 
According to the creators, the production does not promise anything, nor does it offer any explanations. It does not want to appear anything more than it is: a collage. A collage about the times we were born into, in which we get to be born into for millennia, about our nonsense, and how we seem to speak to each other and not with each other, about our longing for attention and love.
Blindness is when we don’t see, and blindness is also when we do not want to see. The blinds before us can also be a matter of choice. Nobody can discover the lines running through one’s own palm without cheating.
Human figures, enclosed within a space. Nothing happens outside of humanity itself.

- Sometimes I dream that I can see.
- I can only see if I dream.