After Móricz Zsigmond



Studio Performance in the Main Hall
3h with intermission

Unknown woman
Csilla Albert
Gábor Viola
Enikő Györgyjakab
Mayor / Secretary to the Mayor
Miklós Bács
Áron Dimény
Martiny / Mándy Bálint
Loránd Farkas
Albert / Menyhért
Attila Orbán
Clerk at the Savings Bank
Tamás Kiss
Uncle Berci
József Bíró
Éva Imre
Aunt Kati
Csilla Varga
Gizella Kicsid
Zsolt Gedő
Gergő Bíró, Hunor Fazakas, Botond Tulogdi

directed by
László Bocsárdi
text adapted from the novel of the same name by
László Bocsárdi, Ágnes Kali
set design
József Bartha
costume design
Zsuzsanna Cs. Kiss
Noémi Bezsán
Ágnes Kali
light design
László Bocsárdi
lighting consultant
Tamás Bányai
director's assistant
Helga Dávid
stage manager
Réka Zongor
Date of the opening: february 05, 2023

Mockery inflicts wounds. Regardless of whether we are mocked or whether we mock ourselves.  What does it mean to get a promotion?  Are we promoted because of our merits, or because we are useful to someone, somewhere? When we are promoted, we often fall. The fall inflicts a wound. Some people stay on their feet. We envy them. Mockery is often envy. When we are mocked, we react. We get confused and fall.

Panama. How much easier it is to tear down a country than to build it up. Endre Ady, writing about a country in 1899, says that " in the future map of that country there will be a white spot in its place, with the inscription: it was a country, but it was embezzled. "

How many embezzled human lives are there in an embezzled country?   What can we do with our embezzled lives?

What happens to a person who suddenly wakes up and realises that what they dream of is possible? What happens to a person who is led to believe that great things are waiting for them? What happens to a small person whose dreams become embezzled? What happens to us when our faith can be embezzled for money and recognition?

Many periods of transitions for a single lifetime. Ideologies change, the how, the definitions. The language of power shifts with it. There was a time when, after revolutions, intellectuals used to think that they were the ones writing the language of power. There are times when the intelligentsia does not speak any language.

The language of money is no longer a question of power. Money speaks to everyone and goes to only a few.

We want greatness, if only we could try to figure something out about the acts of flying and falling.

Ágnes Kali, dramaturg of the performance


"Since the present time

turns into an ugly memory.

And winks me in the eye

this forgettable.

This is forgettable.

This is forgettable."

Tamás Cseh