Oradea, 1975

Áron Dimény

Place and date of birth: Oradea, May 29, 1975

1993 – 1997 – Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, Faculty of Letters, Theatre Department, Acting Class (Leading Professors: Bíró József, Salat Lehel).

Since 1997 – permanent member of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.
Since the same year assistant at the Hungarian Department of Babeş-Bolyai Univeristy's Cathedra for Theatre Arts: Art of Acting, Improvisation.

2000 – for a short period artistic director of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.

1997 – member of the Romanian Theatre Union (UNITER).


Current parts


Druma Szilárd - after Kosztolányi Dezső: Édes Anna, directed by István Szabó K.
Kardics - After Móricz Zsigmond: Relatives, directed by László Bocsárdi
Márton Botár, her stepfather - Tamási Áron: Ancestral Comfort, directed by László Béres


Luke, the Lighting Technician, Hephaestus - Adaptation after Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound by Ágnes KALI and Gábor TOMPA: PROMETHEUS'22, directed by Gábor Tompa
Corin - Robert Icke after Sophocles: Oedipus, direction and lighting design by: Andrei Șerban
Glamiss - Eugène Ionesco: Macbett, directed by Silviu Purcărete


Constable - Sheldon Harnick – Jerry Bock – Joseph Stein: Fiddler on the Roof, directed by László Béres

Parts at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj:


Dr. Ellesley - Adaptation based on Antal Szerb's novel Journey by Moonlight, by Botond Nagy and Ágnes Kali: JOURNEY BY MOONLIGHT, directed by Botond Nagy
Firs - A. P. Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard, directed by Yuri Kordonsky


Schigloch, Lulu's father, Puntschuch, a banker - Frank Wedekind: Lulu, directed by Enikő Eszenyi


- (In)visible, directed by Leta Popescu
With - Under Construction, directed by Krisztina Sipos
The Duke - William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice, directed by Gábor Tompa


Second Master of Philosophy - Molière: The Bourgeois Gentleman, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu


- Hormone, directed by Ferenc Sinkó
The voice - Visky András: Porno, directed by András Visky
Principle - Zsigmond Móricz – Tibor Kocsák – Tibor Miklós: Be Faithful Unto Death, directed by László Béres
Gyuri, the housband - György Dragomán: Galoshes, directed by András Visky
- Homemade, directed by Márta Vargyas
The Actor - Maxim Gorky: The Lower Depths, directed by Yuri Kordonsky


First officer, Fyodor, Brunelda - Franz Kafka: Amerika, directed by Michal Dočekal
Decius / Messala - William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, directed by Silviu Purcărete


Murdoch - George Tabori: Requiem for a Spy, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu
Lázár - Csokonai Vitéz Mihály: The Widow of Mr. Karnyó and the Two Rascals, directed by Attila Keresztes
Koby, first blind man, The executor - Friedrich Dürrenmatt: The Visit, directed by Gábor Tompa
Tornyai - Nagy Ignác: Local Elections, directed by István Kövesdy
Gévaudan - Georges Feydeau – M. Desvallières: The Lovers of Loches, directed by Alexandru Dabija


Francesco del Monte - András Visky: Caravaggio Terminal, directed by Robert Woodruff
Petya Perov, one-year-old boy - Al. I. Vvedenski: Christmas at the Ivanovs, directed by András Urbán
Victor, nine years old - Roger Vitrac: Victor, or Power to the Children, directed by Silviu Purcărete
Zdeněk, his friend - Bohumil Hrabal: I Served the King of England, directed by Michal Dočekal
Showman K - Johannes von Tepl: Death and the Ploughman, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu


Johann-Wilhelm Möbius - Friedrich Dürrenmatt: The Physicists, directed by Lori Petermann


Ghost-man - Abe Kobo: The Woman in the Dunes, directed by Mona Marian
Narator 1 -
Papa Ubu - Alfred Jarry: Ubu the King, directed by Alain Timar
Director - Róbert Lakatos, Cecília Felméri: Draculatour or The Brand Stroker Project, directed by Róbert Lakatos


Tibor, 28 year old journalist - Péter Demény: Bolero, directed by Lehel Salat
Mathias - The Mute Knight, directed by Lehel Salat
Caligula - Albert Camus: Caligula, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
Dugi Nos, Captain - Marin Držić: Dundo Maroje, directed by Robert Raponja
Clip - András Visky: I Killed My Mother, directed by Csilla Albert and Áron Dimény
Lucio - William Shakespeare: Measure for Measure, directed by Matthias Langhoff


The Man Without a Name - András Visky: Born for Never, directed by Gábor Tompa


Camille Desmoulins - Georg Büchner: Danton's Death, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
Garry Lejeune (Roger Lillicap) - Michael Frayn: Noises Off, directed by Peter Bokor


Boris Davidovich Novski, The Father - Danilo Kiš: A Tomb for Boris Davidovich, directed by Robert Raponja
Button molder-Cameraman, Strange Passanger, The Lean One - Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt, directed by David Zinder
Writer - Thomas Bernhard: The Hunting Party, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu
Maestro Spinellocio II - Giacomo Puccini: Gianni Schicchi, directed by Silviu Purcărete


Shallow, a Country Justice - William Shakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor, directed by Attila Keresztes
Marcel - Aki Kaurismäki: La Vie de Bohème, directed by Radu Alexandru Nica
B. - András Visky: Long Friday, directed by Gábor Tompa
M 2 - Nathalie Sarraute: Just For Nothing, directed by Patrick Le Mauff


Basil Hallward - after Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu
The Bridegroom - Bertolt Brecht: A Respectable Wedding, directed by Anca Bradu
Alphaeus - András Visky: Disciples, directed by Gábor Tompa


Bridegroom - Compiled from gipsy stories by Alan Lyddiard and Kinga Kelemen: Black Eyed Roses, directed by Alan Lyddiard
Andres - Georg Büchner: Woyzeck, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
Orsola - Carlo Goldoni: The Little Square, directed by Mona Chirilă
Big Woebegone - Muszty Bea -Dobay András: The Miracle Cake, directed by Attila Keresztes


I. Scholar - Christopher Marlowe: The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, directed by Mihai Măniuţiu
CAMILLO - William Shakespeare: The Winter's Tale, directed by Attila Keresztes
EUGENIO, second lover, in comedy FLORINDO - Carlo Goldoni: The Comic Theatre, directed by Gábor Rusznyák
Help drafter assistant from the revenue office - I. L. Caragiale: Carnival Adventures, directed by Mona Chirilă


Hannan - After S. Anski: White Fire, Black Fire (DYBBUK), directed by David Zinder
Manus - Brian Friel: Translations, directed by David Grant
Grandchild - Slawomir Mrožek: Charlie, directed by Gábor Tompa


Acaste - Molière: The Misanthrope, directed by Gábor Tompa


- Eugène Ionesco: THE CHAIRS, directed by Vlad Mugur


- Witold Gombrowicz: OPERETTA, directed by Gábor Tompa
2000/2001 Season
SIRELLI – L. Pirandello: Right You Are (If You Think You Are), directed by Vlad Mugur
ROMEO – W. Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, directed by Keresztes Attila

1999/2000 Season
TOIASOV, NIKOLAI VASILJEVICH – Gogol: Marriage, directed by Mona Chirilã
ACASTE – Moliere: The Misanthrope, directed by Tompa Gábor

1998/1999 Season
ARIEL – William Shakespeare: The Tempest, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu

1997/1998 Season
TROILUS – William Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida, directed by Tompa Gábor
TROFIMOV – A. P. Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard, directed by Vlad Mugur

1996/1997 Season
ORATOR – Eugene Ionesco: The Chairs, directed by Vlad Mugur
HOST – Carlo Goldoni: The Venetian Twins, directed by Vlad Mugur

Csíki Játékszín:
THE SCHOLAR – Galgoţiu-Dosztojevszkij: Drunkards, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu
2011 – Somewhere at Palilula, directed by: Silviu Purcărete
2011 – A vizsga, directed by: Péter Bergendy
2010 – Europolis, directed by: Corneliu Gheorghita 
2008 – Adventurers, directed by: Béla Paczolay
2006 – A rézfaszú bagoly, directed by: Andrea Tóth (scurt-metraj)
2006 – Mansfeld, directed by: Andor Szilágyi
2005 – Képzelt forradalom avagy Osztrák-Magyar Románia, directed by: Balázs Zágoni (film documentar)
2005 – Fateless, directed by: Lajos Koltai
2004 – Rom-Mánia, directed by: József Nándori
1999 – Chinese deffence, directed by: Gábor Tompa

2007 - Golden Apple Award
2002 – Bánffy Miklós Award

Artistic activity at the Hungarian Theatre


directed by - Lajos Kántor: My Friend in the Mill


director's collaborator - Eugène Ionesco: THE CHAIRS, directed by Vlad Mugur