Slawomir Mrožek


Studio Performance in the Main Hall

András Csíky
Áron Dimény
József Bíró

directed by
Gábor Tompa
Kinga Kelemen
set design
Gábor Tompa
costume design
Gábor Tompa
designer's assistant
Borbála Balogh
set design
Tibor Tenkei

Date of the opening: September 25, 2001
2003 - At the Ethnic Minority Theatre's Meeting from Gheorgheni this performance was awarded with
The Best Performance Award, and
József Bíró with The Best Actor Award.

“Charlie is about the regression of the individual under the pressure of force. The deformation of the personality takes place under the pressure of brutal, inexplicable and aimless force. The Grandfather and the Grandson threaten an Oculist. The Grandfather is brought by the Grandson to the doctor to regain his visual acuity in order to kill Charlie. We don’t know who Charlie is and why he should be shut down.” 
Roxana Croitoru
Opening date: September 25, 2001.