after Oscar Wilde

The Picture of Dorian Gray

translated by: Magda Teodorescu

Main stage

Dorian Gray
Răzvan Mazilu
Lord Henry Wotton
Marius Stănescu
Dan Bădărău
Basil Hallward
Áron Dimény
Lady Narborough
Irina Mazanitis
Mrs. Vane
Oana Ştefănescu
Ionuţ Kivu
Paula Niculiţă
James Vane
Gabriel Pintilei
Alan Campbell
Marian Ghenea
Mr. Isaacs, Sir Geoffrey
Mugur Arvunescu
Ana Maria Moldovan
Romeo, Faust
Marian Lepădatu
Adrian Singleton
George Călin
Sibyl Vane
Oana Cojocaru
Dorian Gray
Răzvan Pop
Thibald, Mefisto, Dorian Gray
Tiberiu Almosnino

directed by
Dragoş Galgoţiu
set design
András Both
costume design
Doina Levintza
Alexandru Abagiu
music by
Dragoş Galgoţiu
Răzvan Mazilu
choreographer's assistant
Silvia Călin

Date of the opening: May 04, 2006

The performance based on the novel The Picture of Dorian Gray sets on the stage the stained glass window of the Wildeian story attempting to reveal the occult dimensions of the book. The dance, the mirror, the pictures of youth and of degradation are detected as paradigms. Pre-Raphaelite perfumes that gild images, emotions, an insolent dandy spirit, arrogant pleasures - and a tragedy which dissolves almost unaware in the acid - unsettle everyone that would like to read, listen to, or watch the story of Dorian Gray.  Dragoş Galgoţiu