Nathalie Sarraute

Just For Nothing

Studio Performance in the Main Hall

M 1
András Hatházi
M 2
Áron Dimény
M 3
Attila Orbán
Júlia Laczó

directed by
Patrick Le Mauff
set and costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu
original music by
Michael John Fink
stage manager
Levente Borsos
Zsófi Bálint

Special thanks to Michael Jon Fink,

Date of the opening: September 22, 2006

“Originally from Russia, Nathalie Sarraute is an important figure in French contemporary literature. Both in her novels and plays, she attempts to make a thorough analysis of human language. She is haunted by a single question: how can one put in words our smallest and vaguest impressions? This play focuses on two friends trying to discover the nature of their relationship. Why is it that a sentence, a tone is enough to make a distance between them? How can the future or the end of their friendship depend on a "nothing"?
For the writer, these nothings are of great importance. She thinks they have a deeper impact upon the course of our lives than other events, even important ones. ...if we were to break our arms or legs, this would be a visible event, but it wouldn’t kill us. On the other hand, a germ or radiation, invisible to the eye, could end our life. Therefore, we should focus on the invisible, on the inexpressible, as the entire life is found there.”
Patrick Le Mauff
Opening date: September 22, 2006.
Runnnng time: 1 hour.