Henrik Ibsen

A Doll's House

Based on a translation by László Kúnos

1h 30' without intermission

Torvald Helmer
Balázs Bodolai
Anikó Pethő
Mrs. Linde
Csilla Albert
Lóránd Váta
Dr. Rank
Gábor Viola
Melinda Kántor
Zsuzsa Tőtszegi
John the Courier
János Platz

directed by
Botond Nagy
text adaptation
Ágnes Kali, Botond Nagy
visual design
András Rancz
set design
Carmencita Brojboiu , András Rancz
costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu
Ágnes Kali
music and sound design
Bence Kónya-Ütő
Kinga Ötvös
digital graphics
Szidónia Szederjesi
director's assistant
Emőke Veres
light design
Romeo Groza
stage manager
Réka Zongor
Date of the opening: march 16, 2019

Due to the use of powerful visual and audio effects, the performance is not recommended for pregnant women, people with epilepsy and those who have pacemakers.

Being in a coma is being in a vulnerable state. It’s inertia. It’s marking time. The opposite of freedom. Human beings are prone to imprisoning themselves in lies, imaginary realities, old traumas, repetitive abuses. They tend to yield to coma-like states and powerlessly hope for miracles. But for how long can we hold ourselves captive? For how long can we embellish our solitary confinement with lies? And what happens if we wake up from this state of unconsciousness? If we realize that the miracle we are waiting for is just a gaping black hole that dissolves in holograms and ultimately leaves us to fend for ourselves?

Nóra realizes that the doll house she inhabits is getting increasingly narrower. That behind the embellished walls lie the recurring catatonic nightmares which she must fight if she wants to become a human being. If she wants to be free. With freedom comes sacrifice.

Awakening is a painful process, a swirling hypnosis. A tarantella. A fight, where cruelty finds you without accoutrements. Agamemnon sacrifices Iphigenia in order to win the war. And Nóra sacrifices her present in order to win her own wars. Nowadays, women spend several years in prison because they stand up for their rights. Nóra has done her time and can now leave her dollhouse.