Endre Ady

A föltámadás szomorúsága [The Sadness of the Resurrection]

An Endre Ady Literary Eve with Hobo

1h 30' without intermission

with poems interpreted by
László Földes Hobo

directed by
Attila Vidnyánszky
original music by
Kovács Kornél Fekete

Nowadays, the spreading of hate-mongering in media and politics has slowly become intolerable in our country. That is something that is very disturbing to me! I have previously addressed the topical issues of my existence in my previous performances and recordings, always striving to explore the place and responsibility of human beings. I am always looking for answers - this time I do it through the work of Ady, since there are certain Ady poems and texts that are as relevant as if they were written nowadays. However, my intention is not to provide an overview of Ady’s life and work! I am addressing those verses and texts that reveal a man who is arriving at the end of his journey - his responsible, fierce, scourging patriotism in the heart of Europe, his relationship with the past, with history, his contemporaries, the Nyugat [literary journal], and his grateful remembrance of past lovers, dreams and hopes…

László Földes Hobo