Cluj-Napoca, 1997

Eszter Román

Place and date of birth: Cluj-Napoca, 30 May 1997

2018 – 2020 • MA in Performing Arts (Acting), Babeș–Bolyai University, Faculty of Theatre and Television, Hungarian Theatre Institute, Cluj-Napoca
2015 – 2018 • BA in Performing Arts (Acting). Babeș–Bolyai University, Faculty of Theatre and Television, Hungarian Theatre Institute, Cluj-Napoca
2011 – 2015 • High School Diploma, János Zsigmond Unitarian College, Mathematics-Informatics-Intensive English Specialty, Cluj-Napoca

Since September 2020 - member of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.

Played Parts at Faculty:

DANCER – Exposed – stage movement performance. Director, choreographer: Enikő Györgyjakab, BBU, Cluj-Napoca, 2017.
Juliet– William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet. Director: Attila Keresztes, BBU, Cluj-Napoca, 2017.
GIRL – Roland Schimmelpfennig: The Street of Ants. Director: Géza Bodolay, BBU, Cluj-Napoca, 2019.

Current parts


- Hans Christian Andersen: The Nightingale, directed by Traian Savinescu


Chrysothemis - Adaptation based on Sophocles' tragedy by Ágnes Kali and Botond Nagy: Elektra, directed by Botond Nagy
Édes Anna - after Kosztolányi Dezső: Édes Anna, directed by István Szabó K.
Jula Kispál, orphan girl - Tamási Áron: Ancestral Comfort, directed by László Béres


Io, Radio reporter - Adaptation after Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound by Ágnes KALI and Gábor TOMPA: PROMETHEUS'22, directed by Gábor Tompa
Antigone, Lichas, Little Girls at the Hotel - Robert Icke after Sophocles: Oedipus, direction and lighting design by: Andrei Șerban
Maid - Eugène Ionesco: Macbett, directed by Silviu Purcărete


Juliet - Based on William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, directed by Attila Vidnyánszky Jr.
Hens - After George Orwell: Ervin Erős – Dávid Klemm – Róbert Lénárd: Animal Farm, directed by Zoltán Puskás


Bielke - Sheldon Harnick – Jerry Bock – Joseph Stein: Fiddler on the Roof, directed by László Béres

Parts at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj:


Dunyasha - A. P. Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard, directed by Yuri Kordonsky


- (In)visible, directed by Leta Popescu


Annamari, their daughter - György Dragomán: Galoshes, directed by András Visky

THEA – Frank Wedekind: Spring Awakening. Director: Attila Keresztes, Figura Studio Theatre, Gheorgheni, 2018.
NANCY – Lionel Bart: Oliver! - musical. Director: Tünde Tóth, Szigligeti Theatre, Oradea, 2018.
HERMIA – Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream. Director: Jakab Tarnóczi, Szigligeti Theatre, Oradea, 2018.
ÉLIANTE – Moliére: The Misanthrope. Director: Eszter Novák, Szigligeti Theatre, Oradea, 2018.
ESZTI – Péter Gothár: Marci Kakuk. Director: Péter Gothár, Szigligeti Theatre, Oradea, 2018.
GIRL – Matei Vișniec: Sunset Express. Director: Zakariás Zalán, Szigligeti Theatre, Oradea, 2019.
MANCI TÓTH – Ernő Szép - Sándor Guelmino: Acacias from the Parc, 2019. Director: Bálint Botos, Szigligeti Theatre, Oradea, 2019.
ÁGNES – Heinrich von Kleist: The Schroffenstein Family. Director: Dániel Kovács D., Szigligeti Theatre, Oradea, 2020.
ESZTER NAPHEGYI – Zsolt Benedek: Y. Director: Attila Balogh. Szigligeti Theatre, Oradea, 2020.

VISITOR – Your Face Without the Screen. Director: Szabolcs Benedek,Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, BA exam, Cluj-Napoca, 2017. Link:
CHILD – My father, mother, me and Tibi Kovács. Director: Kincső Bede, BBU, BA exam, Cluj-Napoca, 2017.
GIRL – Arrival. Director: Kincső Bede, BBU, Cluj-Napoca, 2017.
CAST MEMBER – Memento Mori. Director: Tímea Dezső, BBU, Cluj-Napoca, 2017.

2019 – Kati Földes Award (Szigligeti Theatre Oradea)
2019 – Award for Best Actress – with the production of “Occident Express”, FIDC (International Festival of Contemporary Dramaturgy Braşov)
2020 – Award for Most Promising Young Talent – Teplánszky Award (Kisvárda Festival of Hungarian Theatres XXXII)
2020/2021 Season – Debut Prize: Eszter Román and Tamás Kiss for their performances in Romeo and Juliet