Târgu-Mureş, 1977

Emőke Kató

Place and date of birth: Târgu-Mureş, June 20, 1977

1997–2001 - Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Letters, Theatre Department, acting class
2001- 2004 actor at the North Theatre, Satu-Mare. 
Since 2005 actor at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. 


Current parts


Jocasta - Robert Icke after Sophocles: Oedipus, direction and lighting design by: Andrei Șerban


Golde, Tevye's wife - Sheldon Harnick – Jerry Bock – Joseph Stein: Fiddler on the Roof, directed by László Béres

Parts at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj:


Yvette Pottier - Bertolt Brecht − Paul Dessau: Mother Courage and Her Children, directed by Armin Petras


Menina 2 - Ernesto Anaya: Las Meninas, directed by Andrei Măjeri
- (In)visible, directed by Leta Popescu


Madame Jourdain, his wife - Molière: The Bourgeois Gentleman, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu
Aleksii Antedilluvianovich Prelapsarianov, the World’s Oldest Bolshevik, Ethel Rosenberg, Henry, Roy's doctor, Hannah Porter Pitt, Joe’s mother, Mormon, widowed - Tony Kushner: Angels in America II. - Perestroika, directed by: Victor Ioan Frunză
Hannah Porter Pitt, Joe’s mother, widowed, Isidor Chemelwitz, an orthodox Jewish rabbi, Henry, Roy’s doctor, Ethel Rosenberg - Tony Kushner: Angels in America I. - Millenium Approaches, directed by: Victor Ioan Frunză


- The Blind, directed by Botond Nagy


Calpurnia - William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, directed by Silviu Purcărete


Bagheera - László Dés – Péter Geszti – Pál Békés: The Jungle Book, directed by Zoltán Puskás


Klara - Miroslav Krleža: Leda, directed by Robert Raponja
Émilie Paumelle, Victor's mother - Roger Vitrac: Victor, or Power to the Children, directed by Silviu Purcărete
Jiřina Štěpničková, actress and singer - Bohumil Hrabal: I Served the King of England, directed by Michal Dočekal
High style figure of Death - Johannes von Tepl: Death and the Ploughman, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu


Auntie Zsani - Zsigmond Móricz: I Can't Live Without Music, directed by András Hatházi
Señora Elvira, Don Juan's wife - The Festive Dinner of Don Juan, directed by, set design by: Matthias Langhoff
Mathilde von Zahnd - Friedrich Dürrenmatt: The Physicists, directed by Lori Petermann


Kristin - August Strindberg: Miss Julie, directed by Felix Alexa
Mama Ubu - Alfred Jarry: Ubu the King, directed by Alain Timar
Else - Thomas Vinterberg – Mogens Rukov – Bo Hr. Hansen: Celebration, directed by Robert Woodruff


Linda - Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman, directed by Tom Dugdale
Laura - Marin Držić: Dundo Maroje, directed by Robert Raponja
Rosetta - Georg Büchner: Leonce and Lena, directed by Gábor Tompa
Mrs. Overdone, Marianna, Abhorson - William Shakespeare: Measure for Measure, directed by Matthias Langhoff


Karin - Ingmar Bergman: Cries and Whispers, directed by Andrei Şerban
The Woman - András Visky: Born for Never, directed by Gábor Tompa


Aase - Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt, directed by David Zinder
Lauretta - Giacomo Puccini: Gianni Schicchi, directed by Silviu Purcărete
Maria Voinitskaya - A. P. Chekhov: Uncle Vanya, directed by Andrei Şerban


Maria, Tito's wife - Ken Ludwig: Lend Me a Tenor, directed by Peter Bokor
Pripici Popa - I.L. Caragiale: The Lost Letter, directed by Gábor Tompa
Parts played at North Theatre, Satu-Mare:
THE TIME – Moliére: The Impostures of Scapin, directed by Gavriil Pinte
MALVINA – A. Tolstoy: The Gold Key, directed by Ágota Márk Nagy
VIKTORIA – Katalin Vajda: Lovers of Ancona, directed by Andrei Mihalache
KID – Presser-Sztevanovity-Horváth: The Attic, directed by László Horányi
DUNYASA – Chekhov: The Cherry Orchard, directed by Árpád Árkosi
MARIKA – Móricz Zsigmond: Corn Spike, directed by Miklós Parászka
MASNI – Egressy Zoltán: Portugal, directed by Zoltán Lendvai 
BETTY – Szüle-Walter-Harmath: One Fool Makes a Hundred, directed by Miklós Parászka
MARISKA – Szigligeti Ede: Liliomfi, directed by Árpád Árkosi
ANA – Szomory Dezső: Györgyike, my Sweet Little Child, directed by Zoltán Lendvai
MALACKA – using Karinthy Frigyes translation: Róbert Gida and his Friends, directed by  Ágota Márk Nagy
Colossal Sensation (Világszám), directed by Koltai Róbert, 2004

Parts played as a guest actor: 
SNOWDROP – Egressy Zoltán: 4x100, directed by Egressy Zoltán, Merlin Theatre, Budapest, Hungary, 2003

2023 - The Best Actress Award goes to Emőke Kató for her role as Ester Nagy in "All the things Alois took from me" by Cosmin Stănilă, directed by Andrei Măjeri, Reactor de creație și experiment, Cluj-Napoca - Oradea Short Theatre Festival-Contest

2021 - Best Actress Award for her role in "All the things Alois took from me", a REACTOR de creație și experiment production, Cluj-Napoca - for the strength and sensibility with which she created a character suffering from Alzheimer's and her fall into helplessness and oblivion - Bucharest Fringe, 11th edition of the Independent Theatre Marathon 2021

2020 - UNITER Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role: for the role of Eszter Nagy in "All the things that Alois took from me" by Cosmin Stănilă, directed by Andrei Măjeri, Reactor de creație și experiment, Cluj-Napoca 2022 - The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania will award for the tenth time the Prizes for Contemporary Hungarian Culture in Transylvania. Emőke Kató is awarded in the Performing Arts category.

2018 - Nominated by the Romanian Theatre Union (UNITER): Best Supporting Actress, for the roles in the performance Angels in America I-II (directed by Victor Ioan Frunză)

2012 - Nominated by the Romanian Theatre Union (UNITER): Best Supporting Actress, for the role of Else, in the performance Celebration (directed by Robert Woodruff)

2011 - Miklós Bánffy Award 

2005 - Harag György Award, Northern Theatre Satu Mare Harag György Company