András Visky

Born for Never

Studio Performance in the Main Hall

The Man Without a Name
Áron Dimény
Enikő Györgyjakab
The Old Master
Attila Orbán
The Boy
Balázs Bodolai
The Girl
Rita Sigmond
The Director / The Father
Zsolt Bogdán
András Buzási
Basketwork Dummy
Ferenc Sinkó
The Woman
Emőke Kató
The Man
Gábor Viola

Chœur: Enikő Györgyjakab, Attila Orbán, Balázs Bodolai, Rita Sigmond, Zsolt Bogdán, András Buzási, Gábor Viola, Ferenc Sinkó, Emőke Kató

directed by
Gábor Tompa
András Visky
set and costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu
music by
Gábor Tompa
Vava Ştefănescu
dramaturg's assistant
Kinga Kovács
stage manager
Imola Kerezsy, Levente Borsos
Imola Kerezsy
Date of the opening: September 03, 2009

Born for Never is a story about survival. Surviving after the concentration camps, surviving others, surviving one’s memories, surviving oneself. András Visky tells the story of a nameless man of unacknowledged identity. Born for Never is a play that makes us think about the condition of people, about what we leave behind, about the place occupied by religion in our relationship with the world, about what we are and, primarily, why we have come to such a pass. A theatre to bind up wounds, to reflect upon our wounds.
Laurent Bourbousson
Press review