Miroslav Krleža


Main stage

Knight Oliver Urban
Ervin Szűcs
András Hatházi
Enikő Györgyjakab
Zsolt Bogdán
Emőke Kató
Attila Orbán
Réka Csutak
Andrea Vindis
Salanţă Vasile
Zoltán Horváth

Ladies' choir: Rita Sigmond, Melinda Kántor, Andrea Vindis
Painters, Company of the ladies: Szabolcs Balla, Balázs Bodolai, Alpár Fogarasi
Shadows of Knight Oliver Urban: Szabolcs Balla, Balázs Bodolai

Music performed by JAZZYBIRDS (András Szép - piano, Attila Antal - doublebass, Domokos Csergő - tambour, Zoltán Réman - saxophone)

directed by
Robert Raponja
András Visky
set and costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu
Ferenc Sinkó
music composed by
Massimo Brajković
director's assistant
Róbert Molnár
stage manager
Róbert Molnár

Date of the opening: march 08, 2014
Date of opening: 8 March 2014
Duration: 2 hours 50 minutes with intermission

Leda is the only drama from the cycle concerning the Glembay family which author Miroslav Krleža described as a “love play” and, later, a comedy. Closing the huge “Glembay” cycle in a humourous way, Leda begins after the sexual act of the main characters, and missteps follow each other rhythmically throughout the play. Leda is actually a love play, a play of the body and of words with love and with its nuances and variations, depending on what the interests and caprices of the representatives of the bourgeois and the aristocracy require. According to Krleža, this segment of society is “condemned to death” after the October Revolution.
The decadent spirit of the drama and the hedonism of the characters is rounded off by the ladies of the street who hunt for customers, while at their "workplace", in the foggy scenery of the streets, intrigues are developed between the last of the Glembays and the ones to whom they are drawn by their desires or interests.

Robert Raponja