The Bourgeois Gentleman

Main stage
1h 30' without intermission

Monsieur Jourdain, bourgeois
Miklós Bács
Madame Jourdain, his wife
Emőke Kató
Lucile, their daughter
Éva Imre
Cléonte, suitor of Lucile
Balázs Bodolai
Covielle, Cléonte's valet
Lóránd Váta
Nicole, maid
Csilla Albert
First Music Master
Gábor Viola
Second Music Master
Loránd Farkas
Third Music Master
Róbert Laczkó Vass
Dancing Master
Ferenc Sinkó
Martial Arts Master
Szabolcs Balla
First Master of Philosophy
Attila Orbán
Second Master of Philosophy
Áron Dimény
Master of Love
Andrea Vindis
Assistant to the Master of Love
Réka Csutak

directed by
Mihai Măniuțiu
text adaptation
Anca Măniuțiu, Mihai Măniuțiu
Andrea Gavriliu
set design
Adrian Damian
costume design
Luiza Enescu
Kata Demeter
original music by
Mihai Dobre
video designer
Cristian Pascariu, Dima Dimov
director's assistant
Emőke Veres
stage manager
Réka Zongor
Date of the opening: June 10, 2018

Mr. Jourdain, a filthy rich bourgeois, can afford to buy almost anything in the world. Still, he feels he is missing something: he wants to rise above his middle-class condition and become a cultivated and refined person, just as he imagines members of high life as being. To this end, he opens up his wallet, and surrounds himself with masters who teach him music, dance, and philosophy, lessons meant to fill the real or imaginary knowledge gaps he believes he possesses. However, his masters are dilettantes who exploit his naivety and help themselves to his fortune.

Exasperated by his whims, his family and everyone around him end up joining forces to teach him a lesson. They set up a brilliant farce that the bourgeois gentleman takes as the reality that would fulfill his deepest desires to reach a higher social status. Do common sense and sound judgment have any chance in the face of blind ambition and unmerited desire for social climbing? The Bourgeois Gentleman is a funny story that entertains us even today, 350 years after its creation.