Aki Kaurismäki

La Vie de Bohème

Studio Performance in the Main Hall
1 hour and 35 minutes.

Attila Orbán
Áron Dimény
Zsolt Bogdán
Hilda Péter
Musette, Narrator, Goddess at the bar, Doctor
Andrea Vindis
Baudelaire, Narrator, Hugo, Drunken, Waiter
Ernő Galló
Francis, Narrator, Barman, Bulgarian, Blind, Policeman
Ervin Szűcs
Narrator, Mme Bernard, Women in the Pawnshop, Waitress, Gassot's secretary
Enikő Györgyjakab
Blancheron, Narrator, Musician, Waiter, Chauffer, Pickpocket, Noble Gentleman, Police-officer, Gatekeeper
András Buzási

directed by
Radu Alexandru Nica
Eszter Biró
set and costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu
video images
Zsolt Tofán
István Biró
stage manager
Imola Kerezsy
Zsófi Bálint

Date of the opening: february 09, 2007

The setting is Paris, the capital of love and art. Despite all their differences our heroes – Rodolfo, the Albanian painter, Marcel, the leftist writer and Schaunard, the womanizer composer – are tied to each other by a tender and self-less friendship. Kaurismäki shows the characters of the XIXth century novel in contemporary situations, with a dry sense of humor, freeing them from a melodramatic air.

Opening date: February 9, 2007.
Running time: 1 hour and 35 minutes.