5 attempts at spending time together

1h without intermission

Paco Alfonsín
András Buzási
Áron Dimény
Júlia Laczó
Attila Orbán
Kinga Ötvös

directed by
Ferenc Sinkó
Panna Adorjáni
director's assistant
Nóra Balázs
set design
Carmencita Brojboiu
costume design
Gyopár Bocskai
original music by
kata bodoki-halmen
video images
Bogdan Radu
scenic effects
Levente Borsos
Csilla Albert
stage manager
Pál Böjthe
Date of the opening: May 06, 2017

The hormone is a chemical signalling molecule. A marathon runner messenger that carries the message from one nerve cell to another, respectively to the myocytes and the gland cells. After delivering the message, it degrades in the cells or it is discharged from the organism.

Hormone is an attempt through the combination of installation, music and movement for performers and viewers to spend time together. An unhurried and relaxed stream about the formation of a group, but it is also a time offered for the on-looker to think about being together with others and remaining alone. We exercise observing and listening to each other as people cohabitating in the same place for a set amount of time. We overhear conversations, we examine bodies in interaction and in their privacies, we watch people attempting to form community together with us, the audience, too.