Muszty Bea -Dobay András

The Miracle Cake

Main stage
2 hours.

The King of Patologia
Zsolt Bogdán
Princesse Supertonia
Csilla Albert
Doctor Placebo
Ferenc Sinkó
Doctor Plagiary
Levente Molnár
Prince Belcanto
Róbert Laczkó Vass
Alpár Fogarasi
Imola Kézdi
Count of Effect
András Hatházi
Count of Affect
Ernő Galló
Big Dumpy
Zsolt Bogdán
Brünhilda, his daughter
Csilla Varga
Levente Molnár
Andrea Vindis
József Bíró
Edina M. Fodor/ Attila Orbán
Drakulina, the Seven Ears’ Wyvern
Csilla Varga
Levente Molnár
Big Woebegone
Áron Dimény
Zsolt Bogdán
The Hooded
Bence Mányoki
Attila Péter Dávid/ Csongor Köllő
First Assistant
László Szekrényes/ Ervin Szűcs
Second Assistant
Attila Nagy/ Szabolcs Balla

Dumpies, Woebegones and Soldiers:
 Péter Fehérvári/ Csaba Balázs
István Albu
Botond Benedek,
Lóránd Farkas
Albin Gábos

directed by
Attila Keresztes
set design
József Bartha
costume design
Bianca Imelda Jeremias
musical coordinator
Katalin G. Incze
stage manager
László Mányoki
Andrea Tóth

Date of the opening: September 19, 2004

The Kingdom of Pathologia is in danger because the hysterical Princess Supertonia refuses to get married, driving her father to despair. A whole line of aspirants is waiting for her outside the door but she seems intransigent. Not even the erudite Dr. Plagiary is able to cure her hysteria. According to Dr. Placebo, the medicine can be found by the well-determined aspirants in the form of a cake somewhere in the Blue Woods. But the journey is dangerous and full of adventures. They need to pass fat Dumpich’s chocolate land and save the seven-eared dragon, Drakulina from the messed up genius. They also need to free the Woebegones from the dictator rule of the single-eyed Sanda Kan. Who will assume the risk of this journey, full of challenges in order to win Supertonia’s hand? The one person who loves her truly, that is, Prince Belcanto. On his way, he is accompanied by his poet-friend, Vibrato and Heureka, the postman. 
The counts of Affekt and Effekt do everything to interfere in the plans of Belcanto and his friends. But with the help of the mysterious Hooded they reach the Blue Forest, find the blue cake and return together to the kingdom of Pathologia. It is a lovely story with delightful music. The fairy tale scene and the magical costumes make it an enjoyable theatrical experience for both children and adults.
Opening date: September 19, 2004.
Running time: 2 hours.