Bertolt Brecht

A Respectable Wedding

Studio Performance in the Main Hall

The Bridgroom's Mother
Júlia Albert
The Bride's Father
Attila Orbán
The Bridegroom
Áron Dimény
The Bride
Imola Kézdi
The Bride's Sister
Csilla Albert
The Bride's Friend
Tünde Skovrán
Her Husband
Ferenc Boér
The Young Man
Ernő Galló
The Bridegroom's Friend
Levente Molnár

directed by
Anca Bradu
set and costume design
Mihai Păcurar
Mălina Andrei
stage manager
László Mányoki
Zsófi Bálint

Date of the opening: february 24, 2006
Opening date: 24 February 2006

The Performance is authorized by the Suhrkamp Verlag GmbH & Co. KG., mediated by HoFra Ltd.

It is an unconventional philistine wedding that simultaneously preserves and confirms all the traditions. A familial wedding, that reveals the "institution" of the family, an absurd, ridiculous, poetic wedding. A paradoxical nuptial, a ceremony of despair, a ceremony of our need to be pure, authentic, and young. Through this text, Brecht reflects his expressionistic instincts, the fervour of rebellious youth, his hatred for the regime, and his faith in positive values.

I was very excited when I discovered the play A Respectable Wedding which is unsual compared to Brecht’s other, well-known plays. That is why the performance proposes to restore the figure of the young, restless and vulnerable metaphysical Brecht of the 20’s, who had the courage to jeer at himself in his works, Brecht, the poet of the suffocating city and Brecht, the tracer of lost paradise as well.  Anca Bradu