Cluj, 1951

Júlia Albert

Place and date of birth: Cluj, January 16, 1951

Ballet School Cluj - 3 years
Graduated a sportschool in 1969-ben
1969–1973 -„Szentgyörgyi István” School for the Dramatic Arts Tg. Mureş

1973 actor at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
1993 professor of Diction at Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj, Politology and Journalism Department
1997 professor at the Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Theatre and Television, Theatre Department

Important parts at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj:

HIPPIA, Madách: The Tragedy of Man
FÁNIKA, Méhes György: The Notary of Peleske
PREGNANT WOMEN, Bertolt Brecht: The Good Person of Szechwan
MANDIKÓ, D. R. Popescu: The Dwarf from the Summer Garden
VERA, Rjazanov: Tonight I'll Get Married
MÁRIA, Sütő András: The Palm Sunday of a Horsesaler
WIFE, Asztalos István: The Black Cat
VERONIKA, Sütő András: Star at the Stake
QUEEN, Csíki Gergely: The Longgrown
GIRL, MAD WOMEN, Eduardo de Filippo: Ghosts
EDITH, Jókai Mór: The heartless Man's Sons
DOCTOR, Déry Tibor, Presser Gábor: Imaginary Report of an American Popfestival
DANCER, Nóti Károly: Opened Window
ALKESTIS, Euripides: Alkestis
KÁROLYI ZSUZSANNA, Csép S.: We, Bethlen Gábor
ZILIA, Heltai Jenő: The Mute Levente
TÍMEA, Jókai Mór: The Gold Man
BÁTKI TERCSI, Tóth Ede: The Bad Guy of the Village
IRMA, Schönthan-Kellér: The Rape of the Sabins
WIFE, Méhes György: My Dear Children
BONE, Robert Thomas: Eight Women
POPHAN, Arthur Pinero: The Magistrate
HEADMASTER, Sinkó Zoltán: The Fourlegged Duck

After 1990
MRS. BERTA, Kárpáti Péter: The Fruit of Your Womb
SPIRIT OF EARTH, MOTHER, Madách: The Tragedy of Man
KATICA, Vörösmarty-Görgei: The Secrets of the Veil
MOTHER, Spíró György: Quartet
MRS. CAPULET, Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
NENNI, Luigi Pirandello: Right You Are (If You Think You Are)
THE OLD WOMAN – I.L. Caragiale: The Lost Letter, directed by Tompa Gábor
MAMA MIRELUI - Bertolt Brecht: Nunta mic burgheză, rendező Anca Bradu
THE BRIDGROOM'S MOTHER - Bertolt Brecht: A Respectable Wedding, directed by Anca Bradu
THE MOTHER - Danilo Kiš: A Tomb for Boris Davidovich, directed by Robert Raponja
STRATYLLIS - Aristophanes: Lysistrata or The City of Women , directed by Dominique Serrand
OSTERIAN - Marin Držić: Dundo Maroje, directed by Robert Raponja
László Csiki: The way back (scenic-reading), directed by Áron Dimény

Independent performances:
Lármafa – Radnóti Miklós Gymnasium, Budapest (selection of today's and the between two World War-period's transilvanian literature), recital repeted later in schools from Cluj, Aiud, Arad etc.
Útravaló ének (to Kányádi Sándor's 70th birthday) – this compilation of poems is presented in Cluj, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Miercurea Ciuc, Aiud etc.
The Life of Reményik Sándor in Pictures and Poems (with the recital compilated together with Lám Irén, makes a tour in Hungary, then in transilvanian cities, where they perform in churches, in Reformat Theology Faculty and Faculty of Letters, the Catholic Women Association, the Bathory-Days in Simleu etc.
Poems of Reményik Sándor – compilation which is presented continually
The God Poems of Reményik Sándor – another independent recital, wich is presented mainly in churches and pray houses
Márai–Was Albert–Faludy – indeptendent recital
From Ady to Nagy László independent recital, created at the invitation of RMDSZ and presented several times after
Birdsong independent Christmas-recital at the invitation of Catholic Women Assiciation
Dsida Jenő – memorial recital at the Reformat Woman Association

• besides the above mentioned occasions, presents several recitals at different programs.
• Compilates and recitals with the students of Theater Arts Academy, wich are presented in schools, in Györkös-Mányi Memorial House etc., ex.:
- Our Language Heritages – a selection of the ancient hungarian texts, poems and songs
Who's Taking Over the Love – selection of XXth century poets work
- Márai Sándor – poems compilation, recitals at Brassai Liceum, Apáczai Liceum, Catholic Woman Association, etc.
- Faludy–Villon (translations, adaptations) - ballad-evening.
• Constantly compiles recitals for the amators of „Horváth Béla” Studio Cluj
- Vörösmarty Mihály – recital
- Csoóri Sándor – recital
- Dsida Jenő – recital
- Arany János – ballad evening, „Reményik Sándor”
- Mother Poems, „Loyalty calls me back”
- Love Poem – compilation, „Ady Endre”, „ József Attila”, „Oktober 6”, „March 15” stb.

Parts at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj:


Stratyllis - Aristophanes: Lysistrata or The City of Women, directed by Dominique Serrand


The Mother - Danilo Kiš: A Tomb for Boris Davidovich, directed by Robert Raponja


The Bridgroom's Mother - Bertolt Brecht: A Respectable Wedding, directed by Anca Bradu
The Old Woman - I.L. Caragiale: The Lost Letter, directed by Gábor Tompa


Mourners, Mrs. Noe's Friends - Benjamin Britten – Selmeczi György – Visky András: Sunday School or Noah's Flood, directed by György Selmeczi