Frank L. Baum – Zalán Tibor

The Wizard of Oz

Main stage

Csilla Albert
Csongor Köllő
Loránd Váta
Tin Man
Loránd Farkas
Craven Lion
Gábor Viola
Szabolcs Balla
Alpár Fogarasi
The Wizard of Oz
Róbert Laczkó Vass
Western Witch
Andrea Vindis
Northern Witch
Réka Csutak
Leader of the Flying Monkeys
András Buzási
Leader of the Wolves
Ferenc Sinkó
Andrea Kali / Emőke Kató
With students: Júlia Bíró, Enikő Molnár, Aliz Incze, Zsuzsanna Pákai, Attila Pál, Brigitta Nánási, Patrícia Puzsa, Réka Nagy-Pál, Réka Zongor
directed by
Zoltán Puskás
music composed by
Andres Mariano Ortega, Ervin Erős
Ildikó Gyenes
set design
Zoltán Puskás, Tibor Tenkei
costume design
Andrea Ledenyák
musical coordinator
Katalin G. Incze
stage manager
Imola Kerezsy

Date of the opening: march 09, 2012

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes with one intermission

Who does not know of The Wizard of Oz… as a film, as a musical or as a novel – it deals with eternal problems. We have tried to create a new musical… with a new text, new music which speaks to modern people… remaining faithful to the original story, of course. We have a story that talks about friendship, courage, love and, last but not least, about seeking ways and solutions. These might be called clichés; however, I still believe in their value, I believe in the human soul. If we are capable of growing mentally just a little, if we know how to be devoted, to pay attention to one another, if we know how to love without self-interest… then we will save ourselves, our fellow human beings – and we might be useful to society. The performance is for both children and adults; it has humor, great scenes, and many, many songs and dances…
(Zoltán Puskás)