András Visky


1h 40' without intermission

Eve / Mary
Imola Kézdi
The Father / The Old Angel
Ervin Szűcs
Father Kalman / The Young Angel
Loránd Farkas
Trezor / The Other Mary
Csilla Albert
The Boy
Csongor Köllő, Magor Bocsárdi / Bálint Gergely

directed by
Gábor Tompa
András Visky
set and costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu
original music by
Magor Bocsárdi
stage manager
Levente Borsos

Date of the opening: October 15, 2010
Studio performance
Date of opening: 15 October 2010
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes without intermission
Prohibited under the age of 12!

The drama is based – in a, let’s say, “classical” way, – upon an interview. A seriously alcoholic woman, living in a small town in Transylvania, tells about her life, trying to understand how she arrived to her ruined state. At the time of the interview, our protagonist can be considered a “dry” or “freed” alcoholic; however, her sentences are still disjointed and fragmented, although incisive and tragically authentic. Éva, the beauty queen of the small town, prepares for a singing and acting career, but chance so ordains it that she falls in love with a famous actor from Bucharest, whose interest is only in a short-term romance. After this relationship, which wounds her profoundly, Éva marries a veterinarian. Her husband remains faithful to her even in the most difficult situations, even when his wife bears him several children, the fruit of different, obscure relationships.