Sepsiszentgyörgy, 1973

Attila Keresztes

Place and date of birth: Sfantu-Gheorghe, August 5, 1973

1992 – 1996 – Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, Faculty of Letters, Cathedra for Theatre Arts, Acting Class (Leading professors: Csíky András, Spolarics Andrea),

Since 1996- actor at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.

1996- assistant at the Hungarian Department, Cathedra for Theatre Arts, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj (teaches: Dramatic Practice)

2002- 2008 associate artistic director of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.

Staged performances:

Schönthan-Kellér: The Rape of the Sabins, 2007/2008, Tamási Áron Theatre, Sf. Gheorghe
William Shakespeare: The Merry Wives of Windsor - Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
Dániel Varró - Gábor Presser: Beyond the Smudgy Mountain, 2006/2007 – Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
Barta Lajos: Love, 2005/2006 - Csíki Játékszín, Miercurea Ciuc
Kálmán Imre: Sylvia, 2005/2006 – Tamási Áron Theatre, Sfintu-Gheorghe
Ray Cooney: Run For Your Wife, 2004/2005 – Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj
Muszty Bea - Dobay András: The Miracle Cake, 2004 – Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
Henrik Ibsen: The Wild Duck, 2004 – Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
Shakespeare: Winter's Tale, 2003 – Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
Marie Jones: Stones in His Pocket, 2002 – Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
Spiró-Szigligeti: Liliomfi, 2002 – Csíky Gergely Theatre, Timisoara
Schönthan-Kellér: The Rape of the Sabins, 2001 – Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
W. Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, 2001 – Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
Chekhov: Three Sisters, 2000 – Babeş-Bolyai University, Cathedra for Theatre Arts
Vörösmarty - Görgey: The Secrets of the Veil, 1999 – Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
J. Cocteau: Terrible Parents, 1998 – Babeş-Bolyai University, Cathedra for Theatre Arts Moliere: The Imaginary Invalid, 1998 – Babeş-Bolyai University, Cathedra for Theatre Arts

Director's assitant:

2007/2008 Season:
A. P. Chekhov: Uncle Vanya, directed by: Andrei Şerban

Important parts at Hungarian Theatre of Cluj:

2003/2004 Season:
MOON – Tom Stoppard: The Real Inspector Hound and After Magritte, directed by David Zinder (Izrael)

2002/2003 Season:
LAMECH/JAPHETH – Britten – Selmeczi– Visky: Sunday School or Noye's Fludde, directed by Selmeczi György
MESULAH – after Anksi: White Fire/Black Fire (Dybbuk), directed by David Zinder

2000/2001 season:
KING LOUIS XIII – Fábri-Dumas: The Three Musketeers, directed by Kövesdy István

1999/2000 Season:
ORONTE – Moliere: The Misanthrope, directed by Tompa Gábor
GYURKA – Remenyik Zsigmond: The Parental House, directed by Hatházi András

1998/1999 Season:
WALTER – Brecht–Weil: The Threepenny Opera, directed by Kövesdy István
FRANCISCO – W. Shakespeare: The Tempest, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu

1997/1998 Season:
ALEXANDER – W. Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida, directed by Tompa Gábor
DISCIPLE – Madách Imre: The Tragedy of Man, directed by Csiszár Imre

1995/1996 season:
JACQUES – W. Shakespeare: As You Like It, directed by Csíky András, Spolarics Andrea
ROAMER – Örkény István: Keyfinders, directed by Spolarics Andrea

1994/1995 Season:
NEMECSEK – Molnár Ferenc: The Boys of Paal Street, directed by Czeizel Gábor

1993/1994 Season:
BLINDCOMFREY, BAT – Oeander and Flax-petal, directed by Czeizel Gábor


BRITISH COUNCIL Award – best Romanian performance of a Contemporary British Drama – 2003 (Marie Jones: Stones In His Pocket)
Public's Award – XI. Festival for Hungarian-speaking Theatres in Kisvarda, 1999 (Moliere: The Imaginary Invalid)
Spoken languages:  Hungarian, Romanian, English