Zalău, 1990

Csaba Marosán

Place and date of birth: Zalău, 15 May 1990

2009-2012 – Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Theatre and Television, Theatre Department, Acting Class, Cluj Napoca, leading professor: József Bíró

Since 2012 actor at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj


Current parts


Schweizerkas, her younger son - Bertolt Brecht − Paul Dessau: Mother Courage and Her Children, directed by Armin Petras


- Ernesto Anaya: Las Meninas, directed by Andrei Măjeri
Launcelot Gobbo - William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice, directed by Gábor Tompa


Bogdan - Illegitimate, directed by Adrian Sitaru


Doctor / Young man - Tennessee Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire, directed by Tom Dugdale
- The Blind, directed by Botond Nagy
- Homemade, directed by Márta Vargyas

Parts at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj:


Fyedka - Sheldon Harnick - Jerry Bock - Joseph Stein: FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, directed by László Béres


Mr Nagy, student - Zsigmond Móricz – Tibor Kocsák – Tibor Miklós: Be Faithful Unto Death, directed by László Béres


Étekfogó - Pál Békés: The Lubberly Wizzard, directed by László Béres


Six Shadows - Evgeny Shvarts: The Shadow, directed by Niky Wolcz
A sixty-year-old man - Roland Schimmelpfennig: The Flying Child, directed by Géza Bodolay
Mowgli - László Dés – Péter Geszti – Pál Békés: The Jungle Book, directed by Zoltán Puskás
Fairies - Csokonai Vitéz Mihály: The Widow of Mr. Karnyó and the Two Rascals, directed by Attila Keresztes
Roby - Friedrich Dürrenmatt: The Visit, directed by Gábor Tompa
Second noble man - Nagy Ignác: Local Elections, directed by István Kövesdy
A black woman - Georges Feydeau – M. Desvallières: The Lovers of Loches, directed by Alexandru Dabija


Sergeant - Stephanie Robinson & Theodore Shank: Serena in X-tremis, directed by István Albu
Anthony Hope - Stephen Sondheim - Hugh Wheeler: Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, directed by Dragoş Galgoţiu
Volodya Komarov, twenty-five-year-old boy - Al. I. Vvedenski: Christmas at the Ivanovs, directed by András Urbán
Angel's choir - Péter Esterházy: Én vagyok a te [I Am You], directed by András Visky
Waiter / German soldier - Bohumil Hrabal: I Served the King of England, directed by Michal Dočekal
Glamorous / Byzantine / Corsican Death - Johannes von Tepl: Death and the Ploughman, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu


Pista, stripling - Zsigmond Móricz: I Can't Live Without Music, directed by András Hatházi
Fabio, once car mechanic at Fiat - The Festive Dinner of Don Juan, directed by, set design by: Matthias Langhoff
Played parts at the Hungarian Opera of Cluj-Napoca:

2012/2013 season:
FRECKLED - György Böhm, György Korcsmáros, Péter Horváth: Somewhere in Europe, directed by László Béres

Played parts at the faculty:
BILLY FLINN, ANNOUNCER - John Kander, Fred Ebb, Bob Fosse: Chicago (adaptation), musical leader: Katalin Incze G., directed by István Albu, choreography and adaptation of the choreography: Farid Fairuz
CSABA – written and directed by the actors: 10 
AKOS – Cristina Iancu: Hajime, directed by Cosmin Matei
LEONARDO - Federico García Lorca: Blood Wedding, directed by István Albu 
KONDOR - Imre Madách: Just a farce, directed by Csongor Köllő 
ANZOLETTO – Carlo Goldoni: The Campiello, directed by Andrej Visky 
KLITANDER, DAVID RIGO, NEGRU – Scenes from different plays by Moliére, directed by József Bíró 
VICTIM – Shoah – Supravieţuirea, directed by Andreea Iacob
SYLVESTER, RUPERT, OTTOKAR – scenes from Heinrich von Kleist: The Schroffenstein Family, directed by József Bíró 

Played parts in movies:
RUSSIAN SOLDIER - Alaine Polcz: Ideje az öregségnek (Time of Elderhood), directed by Emil Novák
BOLDIZSAR – Zsófia Balla, after a poem by János Arany: Rózsa és Ibolya (Rózsa and Ibolya), directed by Marius Tabacu

Played parts in short films:
SELYEMFIÚ – Orsolya Láng: Zeneszerző (Composer), directed by Orsolya Láng   
ROMANIAN – András Márkus: Magyarnak lenni jó (It's good to be Hungarian), directed by András Márkus
PETER – Levente Berciu: A skizofrén (The Schizophrenic), directed by Levente Berciu
Workshops, other education:
MPhilms Summer Workshop, Banská Štiavnica (Slovakia), Performance Art workshop, leaders: József Juhász R. and Nastja Säde Rönkkö, August 2013
Theatre Practice in Central and North-West Regions, Târgu-Mureş – second part – staged performance: Hajime, directed by Cosmin Matei – February 2012
Theatre Practice in Central and North-West Regions, Târgu-Mureş – workshop leaders: Miklós Bács, Nicu Mihoc, Mihail Mihalcea, Andrea Vulpe, Dan Glasu, Cristina Toma – December 2011
Folk dance and music camp, Kalotaszeg, folk song professor: Emőke Sánta – August 2011, August 2010
Dioniz Festival, Djakovo, Croatia – workshop leaders: Naum Panovski, Teresa Brayshaw and Kate Concinnity Craddock
Dioniz Festival, Osijek, Croatia – workshop leader: Lénárd András – March 2011
dialog.fotodans – interdisciplinary workshop of contemporary dans and photography, leader: Cosmin Manolescu – March 2010
Pantomime and commedia dell’arte course, lead by Liviu Matei – March-April 2010