Ervin Lázár

The Four-square Round Forest

Drama for children in Mónika Balatoni's adaptation

Main stage

Andrea Vindis
Bruckner Szigfrid
Ervin Szűcs
Anikó Pethő
Róbert Laczkó Vass
Szörnyeteg Lajos
Loránd Farkas
Ló Szerafin
Szabolcs Balla
Nagy Zoárd
Csilla Varga
Gabriella Mezei
Kisfejű Nagyfejű Zordonbordon
Zsolt Bogdán
Doktor Zirzurr
Melinda Kántor
Melinda Kántor
Melinda Kántor

directed by
István Albu
set design
Tibor Tenkei
costume design
Bianca Imelda Ieremias
music composed by
Balázs Radványi
Attila Soós
Ferenc Sinkó
director's assistant
Andrej Visky
stage manager
Attila Soós

Date of the opening: May 08, 2011

Date of opening: 8 May 2011
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes with one intermission

The Four-square Round Forest is a classic tale of 20th century Hungarian literature. Generations have grown up reading or listening to it; it's humorous idioms have become part of our everyday speech. The most beautiful tale of friendship, interdependence and acceptance guides us to a place where the most different personalities find each other, and their difference becomes their source of joy and solidarity. Mikkamakka, Vacskamati, Louis Monster, Bruckner Szigfrid, Aromo, Seraphin Horse, Great Zoard and Dömdödöm come on the scene to invite us into the theatre of love where - what a wonder! - differences disappear even between child and adult because the common desire of all of us is ti be accepted as we are. The well-known composer and singer of Kaláka band, Balázs Radványi's beautiful songs transform the performance into a happy event of young and old, family, class.