Hanoch Levin

Winter Funeral

Main stage

Latchek Bobichek, bachelor
Zsolt Bogdán
Alte Bobichek, his mother
Endre Senkálszky
Shratzia, Latchek's cousin
Kati Panek
Rushes, her husband
József Bíró
Velvetsia, their daughter, the bride
Anikó Pethő
Popachenko, the bridegroom
Balázs Bodolai
Tsitskeiva, mother of Popotshenko
Hilda Péter
Baraguntsale, her husband
Miklós Bács
Professor Kippernai, bachelor
Sándor Keresztes
Rosenzweig, sportsman on the beach
Attila Orbán
Lishtenstein, sportsman on the beach
Lehel Salat
Angel Samuelov, The Angel of Death
Szabolcs Balla
Shachmandrina, buddhist monk
Endre Senkálszky
Pshoshitsia, young girl
Enikő Györgyjakab
Grave digger
Alpár Fogarasi

directed by
Elie Malka
set, costume and light design
Bernard Michel
music illustration after the works of Brahms
Jérôme Rigaudias
director's assistant
Kinga Kovács
Ferenc Sinkó
stage manager
Péter Mixtay
Imola Kerezsy

Date of the opening: march 19, 2010

If by misfortune your old aunt dies on the eve of your daughter’s wedding, a marriage for which you have hoped and waited for many years, and her son, your cousin, comes at midnight to announce her death, will you open the door, postpone the wedding and go tomorrow to the funeral?
Perhaps you’ll keep your door closed, intent on not receiving the bad news?
But if the orphan is more stubborn, knocking and awakening your family, will you then open the door?
Or will you run away in the rain with your family through the empty streets of a sleeping town?
And if your cousin follows you, will you give up?
Or will you use supernatural forces and fly to the Himalayas?
And if he turns up there, will you try to push him into an abyss and finish with the matter once and for all?
To marry your daughter or to bury your aunt? That is the question!
(From the programme of the first production in Israel, 1978)