Samuel Beckett

Happy Days

kleines theater - KAMMERSPIELE Landshut

Studio Performance in the Main Hall

Magda Stief-Mugur
Robert Spitz

directed by
Sven Grunert
set design
Helmut Stürmer

Date of the opening: december 03, 2007

At the beginning of the performance, Winnie is embedded in the ground only up to her chest. By the end, she will be buried neck-deep. She speaks. Her man barely says a word. Winnie marks the small celebrations of the everyday. And, whatever happens – or rather, despite the fact that nothing ever happens – she keeps her optimism to the end: ”Oh, this is a happy day, this will have been another happy day… After all.” Winnie constantly feels that time is passing, but she tries to bring out the best from what is left. The performance focuses on two levels, an earthly one and a transcendental one. Meanwhile, behind the constant threat, there is an unceasing searching for the poetry of universal love.