There Is A Countryside – The Poems of Sándor Kányádi Recited and Sung by Zsolt Bogdán and the Kaláka Ensemble

Main stage
2h with intermission

edited and directed by
Katalin Kőváry
Gábor Becze , Gryllus Dániel , Vilmos Gryllus , Balázs Radványi
Zsolt Bogdán
technical director
Zsolt Ónodi

Date of the opening: April 15, 2019

There has been no concert of the Kaláka ensemble since the 1980s without songs based on the poems of Kányádi. Uncle Sándor has become a paternal figure and friend to the group, becoming an instrumental presence in their lives. He has dedicated a number of poems to be turned into songs, they have traveled together a great deal, cherishing countless memories, anecdotes and stories related to him. The Lost Emissary, A Carved Little Poem, Someone Walks on the Treetops, Under the Southern Cross, Two Poplars, Couplet on the Red Tram, Apple, apple… and we could continue the long list of poems and songs cherished by so many.


For the 50 year anniversary of the Kaláka ensembles’ creation, they decided to contact the excellent Cluj-born actor Zsolt Bogdán – who is well known also in Hungary for his film roles and his poetry evenings (notably the one dedicated to the poet Endre Ady ) - to produce a show in the Vigadó Hall in Budapest and at the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, where audiences will have the pleasure of listening to the poems of Sándor Kányádi, the greatest Hungarian-language poet of the last turn of the century.