Tennessee Williams

A Streetcar Named Desire

Hungarian translation by József Czímer

2h 20' without intermission

Imola Kézdi
Anikó Pethő
Loránd Farkas
Attila Orbán
Csilla Varga
Ferenc Sinkó
Doctor / Young man
Csaba Marosán

directed by
Tom Dugdale
set and costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu
Kata Demeter
stage manager
Pál Böjthe
Date of the opening: June 28, 2017

A Streetcar Named Desire is an outrageous play, filled with outrageous dreams, dreamers, and violence — both physical and psychological. The play deals with one of the most sickening human impulses: the desire to destroy the outsider, the foreigner, the one whose lifestyle is different from your own. But it is not a cold play. Over its roughest parts is stretched a skin of love and sex that disarms the violence, at least until morning. Slaps melt into embraces, bruises get caressed. The characters desire each other, but even more, they desire peace. Peace from the voices chattering endlessly in their heads. Peace from their past. And hopefully, an answer to the question of how to travel through this world: living together is dangerous, but living alone is impossible. So which will it be?
Tom Dugdale