Henrik Ibsen

The Wild Duck

Main stage

Werle, a businessman
Ferenc Boér
Gregers Werle, his son
Zsolt Bogdán
Old Ekdal
András Csíky
Hjalmar Ekdal, his son, a photographer
András Hatházi
Gina Ekdal, Hjalmar's wife
Csilla Varga
Hedwig Ekdal, daughter of Hjalmar and Gina
Anikó Pethő
Mrs. Sørby, housekeeper to Håkon Werle
Júlia Borbáth
Relling, a doctor
József Bíró
Molvig, a one-time theological student
Dezső Nagy
Pettersen, Werle's servant
Róbert Laczkó Vass
Jensen, flunkey
Ferenc Sinkó
The Fat Guest
Levente Molnár
The Short-Sighted Guest
Szabolcs Tyukodi
The Red Guest
Alpár Fogarasi
The Thin Guest
Ernő Galló
Other guests

directed by
Attila Keresztes
Ottó A. Bodó
set design
Carmencita Brojboiu
costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu
stage manager
Judit László
Andrea Tóth

Date of the opening: march 21, 2004

Ibsen's play is about truth and liee, failure and death. Hjalmar Ekdal, a photographer, is living from one day to another with his wife who has a stained past, a daughter close to blindness, and an alcoholic father. Each is hiding something from the others, so that the "vital lie" is the unique chance of balance in the family. Hjalmar boasts that he will make a big discovery which will make him very rich, but he does nothing but waste time. His father has a rabbit breeding and a wild duck in the loft, and each morning he hunts. Into this strange atmosphere appears the son of a great businessman and an old friend of Hjalmar Ekdal. His attempts to make Hjalmar renounce the lie which dominates their lives has only one, tragic consequence: the suicide of the photographer's daughter, Hedvig.  Claudiu Groza
The date of the opening: March 21, 2004