Dénes Döbrei

Wonderful weekdays

"Nyári Mozi" Theatre Community
Nonverbal performance


Máté Ábrahám
Emese Nagyabonyi
Csilla Pámer
Heni Varga
Andrea Verebes

The Summer Movies Theatre Community's production is inspired by 88 otherworldly conversations. In 1943, when the truth could only be guessed at, but its whereabouts were obscured by the darkness of the relentless war, four young artists from Budapest, Lili Strausz, Hanna Dallos, József Kreutzer and Gitta Mallász, were in a closed-off house in Budaliget, talking to the Angels. Of the participants in the séances, Gitta Mallász was the only one to survive the Second World War. The document she wrote down and published decades later, The Angel Responds, conveys the message of those creators, strong in their commitment and persevering to the end.