Erika Z. Galli – Martina Ruggeri

The Left Hand

Teatro di Roma – Industria Independente (Roma, Italy)

Main stage
1h without intermission

Silvia Calderoni
Martina Ruggeri
Iva Stanisic
Roberta Zanardo

The Left Hand is a variety show that invokes magic as the technique of another knowledge, an analogy that makes the repressed visible as a body, wonder that can reveal and rewrite the mechanism of reality. Insisting on a flawed strategy to stand on the side of rejected knowledge, getting lost, and finding oneself in a space of confusion between the image of the world and the limits of the human. “We choose enchantment as the word we believe in, trusting feelings and desires to welcome what eludes the history of our consciousness, and relearning the power of reality through illusion.

Texts, direction: Industria Indipendente (Erika Z. Galli, Martina Ruggeri)
Lights and video: Luca Brinchi, Erika Z. Galli
Music: Steve Pepe, Iva Stanisic, Martina Ruggeri
Coproduction partners: Emilia Romagna Teatro ERT - Teatro Nazionale, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria