Eleana Georgouli

Algorithm. Surrealistic wanderings through memory

National Theatre of Northern Greece (Thessaloniki, Greece)

1h 20' without intermission

Eleana Georgouli, Alexandra Kazazou

True stories and fiction intertwine in this handcrafted performance about the anatomy of human memory. Alexandra Kazazou and Eleana Georgouli (A. & E.), accompanied by original music by the legendary Giannis Aggelakas, on stage in the unexpected world conjured up by Christos Laskaris and Vasilis Chatzopoulos with the help of the lighting created by Karol Jarek, in the Foyer of the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies.
A tender yet humorous musical narrative about memory and forgetting—communicating vessels in the forefront of the great historical transitions that shook the Western World in the 20th century.
A. & E. map their own and others’ stories onto an improvised labyrinth of memory. Employing a chain of poetic episodes, the two women recount and recall the war in the Balkans, their partisan grandmothers, and bizarre erotic encounters from the past in a cocktail of memories that transcends the former Yugoslavia and gets as far as Lebanon, while a hospital room is transformed into a bus stop in Cuban Trinidad.
An imaginary past but a future too unfold in an unpredictable memory-adventure in which anything could happen.

Alexandra Kazazou
Eleana Georgouli

Original text: Eleana Georgouli
Conceived & Directed by Alexandra Kazazou, Eleana Georgouli
Performance-Original music: Giannis Aggelakas
Set design: Christos Laskaris, Vasilis Chatzopoulos
Costume design: Eliza Moschopoulou
Movement: Alexandra Kazazou
Lighting design: Karol Jarek
Music programming & execution: Dimitris Salepakis
Sound mixing & production: Vlastur
Cello: Nikos Veliotis
Assistant to the directors: Spyros Detsikas
Production coordinator: Eva Koumandraki