Réka Kincses

The Penthesilea Program

destinies and games in one act 

1h 40' without intermission

Csenge Szilágyi
Dániel Király
Zsuzsa Hullan
Gábor Hevér
Kati Lázár
Attila Csapó

directed by
Réka Kincses
costume design
Judit Pusztai
set design
Anna Vita Holjencsik
Gergely Friedrich,Tamás Tomhauser
Csaba Székely, Róbert Vörös
stage manager
János Héjj
Zsuzsa Keresztes
director's collaborator
Lili Fenyvesi

Réka Kincses is a young Hungarian film director, writer and playwright born in Tigru Mures, Romania and currently living in Germany. Her film, Campionul balcanic won the prize for best documentary film at the 38th Hungarian Film Festival in 2007. This production of The Penthesilea Program, directed by Kincses herself, is her debut in Hungary as a playwright. It is a family story spanning over generations as seen through the eyes of an exceptionally talented female author, filled with raw sexuality and outspokenness. Penthesilea, despite bearing the name of the Greek heroine, is a modern and neurotic young woman, who has to flee from her destiny determined by her past, and also from the tight and ambiguous relationship she has with her mother. Will she be able to find peace following a rollercoaster ride of one-night stands, abortions and a desperate theraputic treatment? The Studio has become a platform for presenting works by female playwrights, telling thought provoking stories of exceptional women. With Vígszínház’s young talent, Csenge Szilágyi in the leading role.