Roland Schimmelpfennig

The Flying Child


A fourty-year-old woman
Éva Imre, Rita Sigmond
A fifty-year-old woman
Krisztina Bíró, Emese Simó
A sixty-year-old woman
Noémi Daróczi
A fourty-year-old man
Bence Molnár
A fifty-year-old man
Zsolt Vatány
A sixty-year-old man
Csaba Marosán

directed by
Géza Bodolay

Date of the opening: May 12, 2015

What happens when
there are no costumes,
no set,
no props?
What happens when
there are five girls,
three boys,
and eight chairs?
But if there are five girls,
three boys
and eight chairs?
What happens then?
Because if these elements meet,
then fall apart
and melt into each other at the same time,
a black hole
will be created,
that sucks you into