Mindenke and the Magic Box


Enikő Györgyjakab
Creators: Kata Palocsay Kisó, Agnes Forró , Raul Ciocan, Enikő Györgyjakab
Music: Viktor Magyaróvári (Kayamar)
Light and sound: Attila Almási

Date of the opening: december 05, 2013

What happens inside the gift box? What does the wrapped doll think of while she is waiting for others to be glad because of her? Does she dream? Is she lonely? Is she curious about the world outside? Mindenke is impatient and curious. She looks out of the box and notices the miracles there, the kind faces who look at her inquiringly, and she cannot stay in darkness any longer. A fragrant green meadow opens up in front of her as she ventures forth. Her suitcase comes to life and prompts her to start off on the road of mysteries and to discover the world for herself. Hiding inside the magic box, she changes into a tiny Mindenke. The tiny Dino joins her and becomes her fellow traveller, and they fly together towards new experiences. “We walk day and night, night and day, we bathe in the sea, we walk through flowery meadows, we skate in winter, we tightrope walk and we dream. We dream the sea, we dream the flowery meadow, the day, the night, we dream ourselves, we dream little things and big things.”

Mindenke and the Magic Box invites us on a family journey. It grasps our imagination, regardless of how old we are, with the opportunities provided by movement, puppets and music. We may consider the show an inner journey too, a voyage of exploration that we cannot do without in our lives. Every moment, every colour is worthy of our attention, because even the plainest things can delight us if we are able to look at them with love, if we are sensitive to the world.