György Péter

Zoo in Cluj - Imaginary Transylvania

Book launch with the author's presence

Main stage

Date of the opening: november 11, 2013

Péter György’s Transylvania book has justly aroused great interest even before its actual appearance, since the almost half-a-thousand-page volume of essays speaks of an opportunity for processing historical traumas, of the different memory politics that affect both the Transylvanian reader (in a broader sense, the Hungarian minority) and the reader from Hungary. While writing the book, Péter György “discovered” László Szabédi, but not only for himself. During the evening we will read the Szabédi drama, Husband Career, which has been in the archives of the theatre for years, but has never been published or presented. Then, we will talk with Péter György about the relationship between minority and majority and about a possible image of Transylvania that is offered not by an imagination imbued with different nostalgias, but by reality.

The evening's host is András Visky.