Olga Barabás

Enigmatic Story

Studio Performance in the Main Hall

James Marston
András Hatházi
Roger Marston
József Bíró
Edina M. Fodor
John Marston
Zsolt Bogdán
Tommy Marston
Levente Molnár
Zsuzsa Gajzágó
Miss Pickford
Csilla Varga

directed by
Olga Barabás
music composed by
Ferenc Darvas
set design
József Bartha
costume design
Ildikó Lukácsy
projected images
Sándor Sebesi
Péter Uray

Date of the opening: October 15, 2004

Four brothers coping with their father's mysterious death and the women specially attached to them are the protagonists of this strange story. In keeping with a classic thriller script, with emotionally perturbing turns, everybody comes under suspicion. ”The essence of the so-called drama is the undertaking of the (let’s call them) heroes, their attempts, struggles and fears of living and doing everything following their own identity. This is sometimes sad, at other times foolish" –says the writer and director of the play, Olga Barabas. Not even she identifies the murderer: we find out who it is as we watch the performance.
Opening date: October 15, 2004.