after Rabelais

Pantagruel's Sister-in-law

Coproduction of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, National Theatre "Radu Stanca" of Sibiu (Romania) and Compagnie "Siviu Purcărete" of Lyon (France)

Main stage
1 hour and 20 minutes.

Flonda Virgil
Miklós Bács, Zsolt Bogdán, József Bíró, Áron Dimény, Levente Molnár, Jacques Bourgaux, Marie Cayrol, Florin Coşuleţ, Diana Fufezan, Enikő Györgyjakab, Cătălin Patru, Ofelia Popii, Laurent Schuh, Cristian Stanca, Cristina Flutur, Adrian Matioc
directed by
Silviu Purcărete
set design
Helmut Stürmer
costume design
Helmut Stürmer
music composed by
Vasile Şirli
Anca Stranici, Laura Călina
director's assistant
Cristian Stanca
stage manager
Levente Borsos
Date of the opening: May 28, 2003
Photos: Makara Lehel (1-12) and Pierre Borasci (13-24). 


Inspired by François Rabelais' The Life of Gargantua and Pantagruel, director Silviu Purcârete created this silent piece using rhythmic body movements. Quite removed from traditional theatre vocabulary, this progressive piece is bound to meet with great success wherever it is performed — no translation is necessary.
Opening date: May 28, 2003.
Running time: 1 hour and 20 minutes.