Mária Kozma

Maestro Csillala

2 hours with one intermission.

György Barkó
Ervin Szűcs
Ernő Galló
Bence Mányoki
Csongor Köllő
Anikó Pethő
András Buzási
Csilla Varga
Szabolcs Balla
Csilla Albert
Alpár Fogarasi
Balázs Bodolai
Loránd Farkas
Andrea Vindis

directed by
Attila Keresztes
Péter Demény
music composed by
Katalin G. Incze
Ottó A. Bodó
set and costume design
Bianca Imelda Jeremias
Gabriella Bátori
stage manager
Imola Kerezsy

Date of the opening: january 25, 2009

“In an overly rational world, even a dream can represent value, especially when this dream is about working out an answer toward ‘global’ human kindness and solidarity. But even in dreams there is always some small thing missing. Csillala, an old tailor, can no longer ply his craft well because of his old age. Yet, he decides to make a wonderful coat. He writes a letter to all the tailors in the world asking them to send him silk, canvas, yarn, buttons, anything. He wants to use everything that he is sent in making the coat. Anyone who puts on this coat will become kind, and will make his surroundings kind, too. When at last all the materials are gathered together from all around the world, it turns out that the eye of the needle is missing, and without it, it is impossible to sew. But the dream and the hope can live on. Even the longest journey begins with a single step.” Mária Kozma

Opening date: January 25, 2009.
Running time: 2 hours with one intermission.