Amos Oz

The Same Sea

Main stage

Narrator; Old Greek
Yigal Sadeh
Albert Danon, accountant
Aharon Almog
Nadia Danon, his wife; Miriam, prostitute nun; Bettine Carmel, widow
Sandra Sadeh
Enrico David (Rico), their son
Yoav Donat
Dita Inbar, his girlfriend
Tali Rubin
Dubi Dombrov, film producer
David Kigler

play written and directed by
Hanan Snir
set design
Anat Sternshus
Avi Ofer
costume design
Ofra Confino
original music by
Yuval Mesner
Avi-Yonah Bueno (Bambi)
directed by
Hanan Snir

Date of the opening: december 10, 2010

Not far from the sea, Mr. Albert Danon lives in Amirim Street, alone. He is fond of olives and feta; a mild accountant, he lost his wife not long ago. Nadia Danon died one morning of ovarian cancer, leaving some clothes, a dressing table, some finely embroidered place mats. Their only son, Enrico David, has gone off mountaineering in Tibet.
Here in Bat Yam the summer morning is hot and clammy but on those mountains night is falling. Mist is swirling low in the ravines. A needle-sharp wind howls as though alive, and the fading light looks more and more like a nasty dream. At this point the path forks: one way is steep. The other gently sloping.

The most experimental novel of Oz that mixes between genres and inserts the writer himself as a character in the plot, Transformed in the hands of Snir, into a theatrical journey, a multi -layer carnival, full of surprises.

(Yediot Aharonot)