Herbert Achternbush


Studio Performance in the Main Hall

directed by
Fernando Mora Ramos
Isabel Lopes
set and costume design
José Carlos Faria
light design
António Plácido, Fernando Mora Ramos
stage manager
Carina Galante

Date of the opening: november 10, 2008

"Joseph is the son. He wears a wig of chicken feathers, which he has made himself, and an apron. However, it is absolutely clear that he is the mother. He is constantly busy with coffee-making implements. After the coffee is ready, he pours it for himself, for Ella and for the audience. Finally, he douses a sugar cube with potassium cyanide, stirs it into his coffee, takes a lengthy sip and falls down. The noise scares Ella who, on seeing the dead man, breaks down and, screaming, tears off her apron and runs around the cage until the light goes out. Ella is the mother."  Herbert Achternbush


Fernando Mora Ramos
Margarida Mauperrin