Garden of Forbidden Loves

Yolande Snaith & imaGomoves

Main stage

Date of the opening: december 08, 2007

Inspired by the well known character of Maria from The Sound of Music, and the title character from Mary Poppins, Garden of Deadly Sound explores the archetypal guardian or ‘Nanny’, the embodiment of feminine principles that saves the neglected children of our world from the horrors and regimes of the patriarchs.

Tablecloth Garden is a site-specific film set in an old warehouse space in Kings Cross. It was inspired by an area of the space that featured three archways, suggesting a triptych. From this starting point we created a play on our responses and feelings about this image within a contemporary triptych space.

Garden of Forbidden Loves, a visually poetic quartet, is set to the hauntingly beautiful voice of Alfred Dellar singing 17th century lute songs by John Dowland. The piece is inspired by the lyrics of the songs and surrealist photographic images, particularly the work of Maggie Taylor.