Hanoch Levin

Ya'acobi and Leidental

András Borgula

Studio Performance in the Main Hall
1 h 45' with intermission

David Leidental
József Bíró
Ittamar Yaakobi
Zsolt Bogdán
Ruth Shahash
Kati Panek
Katalin G. Incze

directed by
Elie Malka
set, costume and light design
Bernard Michel
director's assistant
Kinga Kovács
musical coordinator
Katalin G. Incze
stage manager
Levente Borsos
Imola Kerezsy
Date of the opening: September 29, 2006
Press review

Ya'acobi and Leidental by Hanoch Levin presents a comical and grotesque image of a “menage-à-trois”.
Itamar Ya'acobi, an elderly man, decides to break up with his good friend, David Leidental for no reason whatsoever and devote himself to the  delights of life. It looks as if he is lucky, as he meets Ruth Shachash, a lady calling herself a piano artist. But the hypochondriac, clinging Leidental keeps disturbing their happiness. The situation becomes truly strange when Ya'acobi marries the Big Bum-Shachash and Leidental offers himself as a wedding gift. The bizarre concubinage soon ends in disappointment: in the end we see them in the same hopelessness and boredom they were in the beginning. Levin’s bitter comedy gives a modern theatrical form to human suffering through simple situations.