contemporary dance performance

1h without intermission

George Albert Costea

directed by
Oana Răsuceanu
Iulia Rugină, Dan Adrian Ionescu, Mizdan, Adrian Câmpean, Alma Cazacu
set design
Dan Adrian Ionescu
original music by
Mihai Dobre
light design
Alin Popa
head of production
Ana Agopian

The performance is built on the equally absurd and unavoidable supposition that the end of the world is coming in 24 hours. At 8 o’clock sharp.

Dorian learns about it from the news and decides to spend his last 24 hours at home, by himself, just like he normally does day by day. The performance is built on the juxtaposition of contemporary dance to multimedia projection. The play between physical, real, tangible movement, built right under the eyes of the spectator, and the video images will help discover Dorian’s past and present life.

“Through dance, video images and music, without any spoken words, DORIAN is first and foremost a story about words. The words which we never utter and which, the moment we find the courage to say - if we are brave enough to do it at all – are a little too late.” (Oana Răsuceanu)