Domokos Szilágyi

The Book of the Elderly

1h 10' without intermission

Áron Dimény
Ferenc Sinkó

directed by
Mihaela Panainte
set and costume design
Carmencita Brojboiu
Nóra Balázs
Yves Marc, Enikő Györgyjakab
original music by
Șerban Ursachi
Ilona Varga-Járó
stage manager
Pál Böjthe
Date of the opening: May 07, 2016

As he advances towards death, the old man seems to encounter things which played a role in his life. An epitaph is constructed out of the elements of life, which could be a parable about the difficulties of passing away. Besides the lines concerning death, among cherished objects, there are faces. The image, true to its real nature, represents everything he wants to leave behind with his words.
 Domokos Szilágyi
The poem The Book of the Elderly was written by Domokos Szilágyi and inspired by Sándor Plugor’s drawings. The poem consists of 699 numbered lines that might be regarded as 699 steps towards the great crossing, perhaps the inner walk of the individual who, reaching the end of his life, prepares to go further.
The atmosphere of the poem is amazingly dream-like, and we tried to create this precisely in the performance. The dream-like spaces, the stages before falling asleep, the randomness, madness are those components of the poem that most moved our imagination.
 Mihaela Panainte