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Enthusiastic Jew-bashing revue


Katalin Gergely, Júlia Huzella, Viktória Kerekes, Bálint Bán, Péter Janklovics, Artúr Kálid
Dramaturg: Virág Németh
Set design: András Borgula
Costume design: Sosa Juristovszky
Choreography:  Kelemen Katalin
Conductor:  Marci Lombos El
Orchestration, studio recordings: Attila Juhász
Technical manager: Gábor Zoltán Fábián
Production manager: Barbara Marcsa
Director's assistant: Dóra Kern
Regia: András Borgula

Date of the opening: October 10, 2015

They are here. They walk among us.
They, too,  go shopping. They, too, live in houses. And they catch the flu, just like anyone else. They are many... everywhere, although they have their own country!
Looking at them, you can tell... who they are... you just look at them and you know!
They think they're the best cooks... and they're so loud!  They are all talk, because they know best, of course. They push their big religion, and how much they love their mothers, their families, traditions... well, ugh! Of course. They.
I was thinking of Italians. Why, weren't you?