dance performance


With Heni Varga, Dénes Döbrei 

Directed by Attila Antal

Music: Secret Man
Choreography: Dénes Döbrei, Heni Varga
Director's assistant: Biljana Rončević
Scenography and video: Attila Antal
Light design: Boris Butorac
Produced by Nyári Mozi Színházi Közösség

Partnener: Teatrul Kosztolányi Dezső, Fundația Danilo Kiš

Date of the opening: April 07, 2015

“Pain disappeared over the course of the day, but the body’s need to be embraced has remained. The body longs for the other body. We were born into a body to be united with another body. From one body to the other. I close my eyes and find rest, I fall asleep slowly. My soul sings through my body.” (Miroslav Mandić)
Together is the second part of a performance series that deals with the problems of a relationship in its different phases. The first performance, Monologue, was based on Attila Antal’s text and was directed by the author. It dealt with the love confession of a man able to talk about a life-determining disappointment. Together is the carrying-on of the love story which has been consummated: the man and the woman are together, they live out their love. Still, what may hinder their togetherness? Can they use their relationship to create something with each other? What is the moment that might last forever? Why need it be interrupted?
The performance is the result of a longer research. The “text” of the play was born out of the analysis and experience of the personal, real relationships of the artists. The challenge in the first part, Monologue, was to place the author’s intimate confession on stage with coherent acting, but the reality and truth of the story had to be preserved too. In the case of Together, the challenge was to preserve a distance from the rich personal experiences, and to create a theatrical action that extends beyond the personal and has a universal message. Intimacy is a quality that is closest to what it means to be human, and this human, this person, belongs to nobody and everybody at the same time. That is why this has to be shared, but also performed. The relationship of a man and a woman is nothing other than the eternal play of self preservation. The need for such endures. The shadow of the end times is becoming stronger in our lives; but who will love us if we kill love, who will remain in this world, who will inherit the world?