Stephanie Robinson & Theodore Shank

Serena in X-tremis


Main stage

Rita Sigmond
Zsolt Vatány
Róbert Laczkó Vass
Lóránd Váta
Csaba Marosán

Choir: Péter Árus, Evelyn Budizsa, Helga Demeter, Leonard Alain Fodor, Timea Jerovszky, Ágota Major, Gergő Mostis, Ágnes Szucher 

Music: Loose Neckties Society: Szabolcs Balla, Balázs Bodor, Károly Enyed, Loránd FarkasCsaba KondrátGábor Viola

directed by
István Albu
Noémi Vajna
set design
Tibor Tenkei
costume design
Gyopár Bocskai
Ildikó Gyenes
Botond Ferenczy
video images
Zsolt Kerekes
Noémi Kruppa
stage manager
Zsolt Györffy

Date of the opening: June 29, 2014

Serena in X-tremis drives the main character and the audience to extremes. Serena, a singer from the miserable world of the metro underground, in her desire for self-realization, signs a Faustian contract that will have strange consequences. During her life, which could be the life of any one of us, she experiences the dizzying joy of success and of being a media star, and the quick vanishing and unmasking of the world of illusions. According to the authors, the Faustian contract of our age is connected to success. Success is a huge burden, especially for the young, who are searching for their own way, identity, and development. Success is a retroactive excuse for everything. It suspends our moral sensitivity, since victory covers, explains and justifies everything.
The project, which originated at a workshop in 2011, has been developed into a concert-performance directed by István Albu and performed by the unique line-up of the actors’ band, Loose Neckties Society.