Péter Esterházy

Lili Csokonai- Seventeen Swans


With: Tünde Majsai-Nyilas

directed by
Árpád Sopsits
projected images
Anni Füzér - Árpád Sopsits
costume design
Anni Füzér
Lilla Falussy
lights, sound and video
Árpád Sopsits
stage manager
János Héjj
Zsuzsa Kertes

Date of the opening: May 26, 2014

Lili Csokonai: Seventeen Swans was first published in 1987 and has been re-issued several times since then. In his novel Seventeen Swans, Péter Esterházy assumes the role of a beautiful, young and extremely talented female writer, Lili Csokonai, who tells of her trivial love story from the 1980’s. The dreary and profane suffering of an orphan girl is brought to life. Her uncle tries to pick her up, then later she becomes a cleaning woman. She dreams about nice clothes, perfumes and love, loses her virginity, and becomes the mistress of a married man. Giving in to the allurements of the body and the soul, she is involved in the most varied adventures.